Funds Raised


Pinkathon is a 10kms International Run only for women. The objective of the event is to encourage women’s health and fitness. Pinkathon also aims to raise awareness about breast cancer, its causes and prevention. Breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths amongst women worldwide, in spite of it being one of the curable cancers if detected early. The key to controlling this disease therefore, is to create awareness about preventive measures for breast cancer. Pinkathon offers the running distances of 3 Kms, 5 Kms & 10 Kms giving each runner an opportunity, to run in their comfort zone. 

The running distance of 10K is gaining popularity all over the world. It is a much shorter distance than the full marathon (42.195 kms) or even the half marathon (21.0975 kms).

Although the 10K distance can be a challenge, it is not a daunting one. First timers with the right training for even 6 weeks can easily run the entire distance!

Since Pinkathon encourages all women to adopt running as an activity, age no bar, there is the 5K distance which is relatively easier even for women who think they cannot run at all. 

The 3K pink ribbon walk for Breast Cancer is a popular category in the event where you see varied levels of participation, from 10 year old girls to women in their 70’s. The pink ribbon walk is a fun category where women and groups come together to celebrate womanhood. 

United Sisters Foundation


The United Sisters Foundation (USF) raises funds via Pinkathon and many such running events for the Women’s Cancer Initiative – Tata Memorial Hospital. The foundation has undertaken numerous initiatives to create awareness about breast cancer and emphasize the importance of early detection. It aids research and development, and facilitates interaction between professionals through annual breast cancer conferences. The foundation also provides annual financial support to over 300 women who are unable to afford treatment but have an 80%-and-above chance of recovery.

Over the past few years, the Women’s Cancer Initiative – Tata Memorial Hospital has grown from strength to strength with timely assistance from many volunteers, well-wishers, friends and donors. The foundation today is a very active body, involved in many areas, and is steadily progressing towards its goals. In a very short time-span, we have had encouraging results that motivate us to continue our journey ahead.